Always Unanswered!

There are so many thoughts which remain unanswered like:

  • Why we end up hurting loved ones?
  • Why don’t we put an extra effort to make some happy when we know it would work?
  • Why don’t we follow our heart when we know it’s right?
  • Why are we in constant search of something and ignore what we have?
  • Why we hate someone so much when we know it doesn’t matter?
  • Why is not life fair to all?
  • Why some people end up waiting for good time and never find one?

Questions like this has always kept me thinking for hours but ending up with no results but only unproductive thoughts!!


Better U is within U

Everyday we end up thinking we need better place to live ,better food ,better clothing,better people,better surroundings! So according to us what is BETTER ? So I am a Software Engineer ( most of the older generation thinks we are best ! LOL ) one among the major crowd in Bangalore that’s what i think. Anyways according to our crowd(which include all the ID card holders he he !) better life is weekends , parties, outing , doing nothing!. Are we really leading a better life? . Are we doing things which makes our heart beat a little faster , breath a little crazier and brain a little smarter than usual?

Have we ever paused and thought how we can be  better each day? Better not only in earning , better in learning , smiling , joking , behaving , loving ,caring , lying ( i mean it lying too) which helps us to be better WE.

So one dark night I sat and realized that only one person can stop me from being a better person, doing better things , loving one step ahead , laughing a tone louder , travelling miles apart , exploring till expansion.That only person is ME!!! . Nobody else can impact U other than U .

Isn’t it strange we always cling to some other person or materialistic things to make us happy. I always end up sleeping with this thought “Why the key to our happiness or sadness is not in our hands”!